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Becoming A Vendor

Downtown HP Multi-Vendor Shopping
Setup and Engagement Process

The Downtown Highland Park online Marketplace will be able to host an unlimited number of vendors, categories and products. The marketplace owner will maintain full control over the features of the platforms while individual vendors will be able to manage their storefront/items through a simple web interface. This solution allows our city to instantly have an online marketplace like Amazon, Etsy, or eBay hassle free.

Quick Feature Overview

  • Multiple vendors all operating through a single storefront
  • Individual vendor profiles with a distinct online store area and custom web content
  • Vendors can manage their store through two simple interfaces
  • Customers can buy items from multiple vendors in a single order
  • Global and vendor specific shipping and tax calculations
  • Vendors can view statistics and orders unique to their business
  • New order email notifications to vendors, users and admins
  • Vendors can setup tax rules based on product classes and location
  • Ticket Support System available to users, vendors and admins
  • Process orders quickly or change the status of multiple orders with 1-click


First Things First - The Money Flow

Due to the nature and complexity of our solution it is required for each vendor to obtain a merchant account with Stripe.com .  Setting up an account here is free and should take roughly 30 minutes to setup and activate (https://stripe.com).  Once complete you can complete the vendor registration process on our site and connect the two. 

  • We are authorized to use a platform called Stripe Connect which allows the splitting and directing of money to each vendor from one checkout process. Pretty cool stuff.
  • There are no monthly fees, payment gateway fees, etc. like a traditional merchant account. Total cost is 2.9% plus .40 cents per transaction.


Prepare the items below for a successful boarding:

  • Company Logo

  • Company Description

  • Company Banner Image

  • Company Terms and Conditions

  • Company Refund and Return Policy (If Applicable)

  • Company Legal as Necessary (If Applicable)

  • Shipping Policy (If Applicable)

  • Products / Services You Wish to Sell (Image(s), Product Description, Price, Sale Price (If Applicable), etc.

  1. Create your vendor account: https://shop.downtownhp.com/index.php?p=signup_vendor
    (Once your account has been approved, continue below steps)

  2. Connect your Stripe Account from dashboard (Payment Setting)

  3. Add Products/Services

  4. Sell.. Sell.. Sell..

We are hear to support you though this process every step of the way.  It’s important to us and you as we make this amazing transition. Please contact me below to schedule a time to answer questions.  This solution is super flexible so all feedback is appreciated.


Contact Information:

Wayne Brown

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