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eel, place and press! This Stress Ear Seed Kit features an ear chart showing auriculotherapy points that are believed to correspond to stress-related regions of the body. The kit also includes 120 natural ear seeds from the vaccaria plant and stainle


DIY Essential Fertility Kit

ID: V57-product-852  |  Vendor: Pulling Down the Moon

Pulling Down the Moon is pleased to present our exclusive and most complete fertility product EVER!! The DIY at home fertility kit was created with two decades worth of experience behind it and contains some of Pulling Down the Moon’s most effectiv

$99.00 $135.00

Essential Oil - Detoxify

ID: V57-DetoxEO  |  Vendor: Pulling Down the Moon

Therapeutic essential oil includes a lemony-green and mildly fresh blend designed to promote detoxification at the cellular level and elimination end. Detoxify is best used in dilution topically, e.g. applied topically with a few drops on a warm


Essential Oil - Lift Spirit

ID: V57-LiftEO  |  Vendor: Pulling Down the Moon

10 ml CM functions : Strengthens and uplifts the spirit, nourishes and relaxes the Heart and Liver, and relieves depression Indications : Spirit weakness, esp. from constrained Heart and Liver Qi Symptoms : Depression, listl


Essential Oil - Immune Stim

ID: V57-EOImmune  |  Vendor: Pulling Down the Moon

Immune Stim - Therapeutic Essential Oil Blend 10 ml A gently invigorating, pungent, fresh, green blend designed to support healthy immune functioning. The Immune Stim formula may be helpful with recurrent conditions of lowered


Tea Tumbler by activiTEA

ID: V57-TeaTumbler  |  Vendor: Pulling Down the Moon

No description found for this product


Fully Fertile ARTeas

ID: V57-ARTeas  |  Vendor: Pulling Down the Moon

This collection of naturally caffeine-free, loose-leaf teas was custom-created by one of our licensed acupuncturists for their therapeutic benefits.  Each one serves a specific purpose during your menstrual and/or ART cycle.  1.


Cycle-Phase Specific Aromatherapy We are very excited to introduce a new selection of pure essential oils to use during every phase of your menstrual cycle. This Fertility Wellness Sampler is only $25 for all four essential oils packed in mini


The Infertility Cleanse

ID: V57-CleanseBook  |  Vendor: Pulling Down the Moon

This second book by Pulling Down the Moon Co-Founder, Beth Heller and Tami Quinn (Fully Fertile is the first), offers women a natural, holistic approach to optimally preparing the body for a child. It leans heavily on the latest scientific research


Breathe, stretch, and cultivate a home yoga practice lifestyle with this streaming video companion series to "Fully Fertile: A Holistic 12-Week Plan for Optimal Fertility." There are seven easy-to-follow yoga sequences based on the Fu


Gift Card

ID: V57-GC  |  Vendor: Pulling Down the Moon

Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a shop.pullingdownthemoon.com gift card. It's the perfect, "Thinking of You" gift whether your loved one is facing fertility issues, is newly expecting or ju


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